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From wood therapy to radio frequency, we will treat your body from head to toe for guaranteed results that you will OBSESS over, just as much as we will! We’re experts at what we do. But knowing the best techniques is only part of the process we’re also here to make you feel great. Whether you’re here for one-hour service or an entire day, your happiness is of utmost importance in helping you achieve your desired results.


30 min

EMS Sculpting uses cutting edge technology to tone the body and eliminate fat this technology is compared to 20,000 crunches or squats in just one session. Through this high intensity electromagnetic therapy, one can enlarge current muscles as well as grow new muscle fibers. This procedure is currently FDA cleared to treat your abdominals, buttocks, thighs, arms and calves.


60 min

This glute treatment helps clients achieve a more voluminous fuller booty or helps reshape and lift if needed. Non invasive and non surgical best part is that it is pain free and zero down time!


90 min

Wooden Therapy technique is a technique that is 100% All-Natural and Non-Invasive. Wood Tools are used to improve the body appearance and overall health without harming the skin tissue. Each wooden instrument has a specific use for particular area of the body that will contour, tone, reduce cellulite, and break down stored fat in different parts of your body. Wood therapy is ideal to treat back and belly fat, thighs, buttocks, waist and upper hips.


75 min

Mesotherapy by electricoportion is a non invasive and non surgical method of reducing fat, eliminating cellulite, diminishing stretch marks, tightening skin, firming buttocks, chin fat reduction and wrinkling reduction. Great for “mommy pouches” and for saddlebag reduction under the buttocks.


90 min

This technique is a hands on experience, and entirely manual that focusing on stimulating the natural drainage, bring the fluid stuck in between cells and the tissue to the lymph nodes, in order to be pumped out and elimate waste and toxins from the body


45 min

An infrared sauna blanket is a type of sauna that uses light to create heat. A perfect way to help your body to detox in just 45 minutes! This treatment can be an add on service or a single service


  • Drink at least 2/3 litres of water 48 hours before your appointment & daily after your treatment.

  • Keeping your body hydrated will help eliminate unwanted fat cells

  • Do not drink alcohol 48 hours before & after your treatment. If you drink alcohol before your appointment the liver will first remove the alcohol from your body instead of the deactivated fat cells; it's harder to eliminate fat cells when alcohol is involved

  • We advice not to eat fatty, sugary or carbs food 24 hours before or after your treatment. A healthy diet is recommended for better and long lasting results

  • No caffeine! It's important not to intake any caffeine before or after your treatment. Drinking caffeine can dehydrate the body rather than hydrated the body

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